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Why My Linksys Extender Keeps Disconnecting? How to Fix It!

Many Linksys extender users have been experiencing issues with their WiFi, more precisely with the fact that their Linksys extender keeps disconnecting.

The problem could occur due to many reasons like the firmware not being updated, wired connection issue, impartial Linksys extender setup, or overburdened WiFi. Although troublesome and bothering, the dropping WiFi problem can easily be fixed.

In this how-to guide, we’ll make you learn the easy to use and quick troubleshooting tips you can try to make your Linksys extender’s WiFi connection stable again. let’s get started!

What Causes The Linksys Extender WiFi Keeps Disconnecting Issue?

WiFi problems are frustrating as they hinder your internet experience. Speaking of reasons creating WiFi dropping issues, below we’ve listed the solutions to most common problems.

Problem: Wired Connection Issues

Solution: Check the wired connections of all your devices, including extender, router, and modem, and make sure that all the connections are proper and finger-tight. If all the connections are doing well, don’t forget to check the Ethernet cable (if used!) for any damages or breakage. If you find any problem with the Ethernet cable, replace it with a new working wire.

Problem: Overburdened Connection

Solution: If there is a limit to connect a specific number of client devices to your existing Linksys range extender and you are exceeding that limit by connecting tons of devices to your network, then also you may face the WiFi dropping issue. In such a situation, either remove the connection of those devices which are currently not in use by you or your family, or get yourself a new extender that can allow you to connect dozens of devices to your network in a single go.

Problem: Someone Stealing Your WiFi

Solution: If you have not yet protected your Linksys WiFi by giving it a strong password, chances are someone is leeching your data. To check and fix it, log in to your Linksys range extender and check the list of devices to your connected network. If any unauthorized access is found, disable it immediately and secure your WiFi by changing your Linksys password.

Problem: Outdated Firmware

Solution: Firmware updates are important components for taking care of the functionality of your range extender. If your Linksys extender’s firmware is outdated or corrupted, your device will not work as it should, thus causing WiFi connection issues.

Problem: Congested Wireless Channel

Solution: Linksys extender keeps disconnecting issues can also occur if the wireless channel you are using is congested with a hoard of connections. To fix the issue, change the wireless channel of your range extender by accessing the settings of your device. It is said that the 1, 6, and 11 wireless channel offers the best performance, and quite obvious most people would be using the same. If you are already on any of these channels, we suggest you switch to a different one which is less crowded.

Problem: Improper Extender Setup

Solution: If nothing works for you, initiating the Linksys extender reset process can do the work for you. Simply press the Reset button on your Linksys extender and take it back to the default factory settings. Once done, again configure your Linksys extender by accessing the default web address. Make sure this time you do the set up of your Linksys in a successful manner.

This article covers solutions to fix Linksys extender WiFi dropping issues. No matter whether you have performed Linksys RE6800 setup at your home or Linksys RE7000 is the one configured at your place, the troubleshooting hacks summed up above will work for all extender models.

Hopefully, the tips given in this article will solve the WiFi dropping issue for you and save your day. If still you can’t enjoy uninterrupted internet due to Linksys extender keeps disconnecting issue, we recommend contacting one of our technical experts to getting the issue fixed in no time.

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