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Why Am I Getting Poor Signal on Linksys RE4000W Extender?

It can be really disheartening to have weak or no WiFi signals, especially when you are up to some extremely important task. At times, users experience poor signal issues with their Linksys extenders and this can be due to wireless interference or a technical glitch. Exploring this guide will help you fix sluggish internet issues with your Linksys WiFi range extender. Though here we are taking the example of Linksys RE4000W WiFi range extender, you can use the troubleshooting tips for any Linksys extender model.

How to Fix Weak WiFi Signal Issue on Linksys?

If the WiFi signal is poor in some areas of your home and you can't use the internet to its full potential, then you may need to tweak some settings of your Linksys extender. Read the troubleshooting tips listed below and fix the poor or weak WiFi signals issue with ease.

Change Placement of Your Linksys RE4000W

Wrong placement is one of the most common reasons making users baffle of struggling with poor internet coverage. Most users keep their WiFi devices in a corner or cabinet to avoid impacting the glory of their fancy interior with the clutter of many wires. But, doing so limits your WiFi range and sometimes lead to no internet problem. Ideally, a Linksys extender should be placed in the center of your house that too within the range of your WiFi router. So, if you have also committed the same mistake, just change the placement of your Linksys RE4000W to fix the poor internet issue and improve its signal strength.

Before you select a new location for the placement of your Linksys extender, make sure there are no interference-causing devices nearby. Else, you will not be able to get the most out of your Linksys WiFi range extender.

Check if Someone is Using Your WiFi?

If you have not yet changed the Linksys default login credentials, chances of WiFi leeching people connected to your RE4000W WiFi can be high. The best way to avoid any such issues is to protect your Linksys extender by changing its password.

Apart from that, if you are a person who never denies sharing WiFi password with guests, then it's better to create a guest network for your loved ones, instead of sharing your primary Linksys password.

This way you will not have to think on your WiFi network being used by someone without your permission.

You Haven't Updated The Firmware

It's been more than a year you purchased your Linksys extender, but you have not yet updated its firmware to the latest version. If so, your Linksys might needs an update. To get the latest firmware version simply log in to your Linksys extender, navigate to the 'Settings' section, and check for ew updates under the 'Firmware Update' option. If you find any new firmware for the Linksys extender you have, hitting the Yes button will help you get it updated.

Caution: We assume, you have Linksys RE4000W Setup at your home, but updating the firmware of some other model. If so, then you are putting the working of your range extender at high risk. Thus, it is always important to get the firmware updates only after checking the model number. For assistance, you can also reach out to technical experts and get your Linksys extender issues fixed in no time.

Switch to Another Channel

This troubleshooting tip can be really fruitful if you find a hoard of other WiFi networks around you. If there are many devices connected to the channel the same as of yours, it's better to shift your WiFi to the channel that is less congested. You can change the channel of your Linksys WiFi by accessing Linksys extender login page.

Wrapping up, to make you enjoy the well-working of a Linksys WiFi extender, we've summed up many troubleshooting tips in the post. Just in case your Linksys RE4000W is still not giving the expected WiFi coverage, you may need quick assistance from proficient experts.

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