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Extender Fails to Connect with 5GHz Wireless Signals

With any WiFi Range extender, the 5GHz wireless signals have both benefits and drawbacks. To be more specific, the 5GHz band provides faster throughput for both network media streams and network transfers. However, 5GHz wireless signals provide lesser range and signal penetration. So you might be wondering that how to maximize the performance of the 5GHz wireless band on any WiFi range extender, right?

Well, this post can be helpful if you see poor performance and range on your 5GHz wireless network. Poor 5GHz wireless network and intermittent connection are the two main reasons behind the bandwidth error. So let us begin with the troubleshooting of issues related to your 5GHz Wireless Signals.

Troubleshoot 5GHz Wireless Signals

Each of the below-mentioned steps attempts to fix this technical issue. If one step resolves the issue, you do not need to proceed with the other steps.

Adjust the Position of Your WiFi Range Extender

Adjusting the placement of your WiFi Range extender may help improve the 5GHz signal strength. Such experimenting with different positions and orientations to gain the best performance is mandatory.

Adjust the Antennas on Your WiFi Extender

Some of the WiFi range extenders have adjustable antennas. So try to adjust the antennas to acquire the best performance of your 5GHz signal network.

If still, you are unable to achieve the 5GHz bandwidth signal or unable to find the 5GHz network during Linksys Extender setup, then get in touch with our experts right away.

Alternative Method to Achieve 5GHz Network over WiFi Range Extender

The time your wireless router is set to a DFS channel i.e. Dynamic Frequency Section channel, you need to try extending your home network with the help of smart WiFi setup for the range extender. Somehow, if you are not able to see the 5GHz SSID network name from the available networks' list on your range extender's site survey then change the configuration settings of your extender and router.

Router Configuration Settings

Step-1: Check if your router is either DFS certified or not. Every dual-band router does not support DFS.

Step-2: If your router is DFS certified, try to login to your router's configuration settings.

Step-3: Under the router settings section, tap on the Wireless.

Step-4: Now look for the 5GHz network section present in the Wireless Channel.

Step-5: If the router is set to Auto or DFS channel, try to change its value to 36-48 or 149-165.

Step-6: Click on the Apply button to save the configuration settings.

WiFi Range Extender Configuration Settings

Step-1: Connect your WiFi Range extender with your desktop or laptop.

Step-2: Now access Linksys extender login web page for extender configuration settings.

Step-3: Visit to Settings > Wireless > Connect Network. The range extender will automatically scan the currently present network. Once done, click on the Save button. If still it does not get connected, again visit the settings option. After that, select Extended 5GHz and disable 2.4GHz and click on the Save button.

We hope that this particular blog section helps you fix poor 5GHz wireless signals from Linksys extender. If still, the problem is the same, feel free to get in touch with our technicians via chat.

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